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423 High Street, Motueka

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03 528 7366


423 High Street, Motueka

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  • Appointments with Principal or Teachers Open or Close

    Appointments with Principal or Teachers

    Parent/Teacher/Pupil conferences are held during the year, however, parents are welcome to come and see the teacher at any time of the year to discuss their child's progress. Please ring and arrange a suitable time. Interviews with the Principal are available to suit. Please ring to arrange these too.


  • St Peter Chanel School Uniform Open or Close

    St Peter Chanel School Uniform

    We take pride in our uniform.

    Girls Uniforms 

    Summer Uniform

    Regulation School Tunic Y1—Y6, Y7-8 skirt
    Navy Monogrammed Polo T Shirt (short sleeves)
    Monogrammed polar fleece
    Blacker brown sandals with supporting heel

    Winter Uniform

    Regulation School Tunic or skirt (Y7 & 8)
    Navy Polo T shirt monogrammed (long sleeve)
    Monogrammed polar fleece
    Navy knee high/over knee socks
    Flat black leather shoes (no dress shoes)

    Boys Uniforms 

    Summer Uniform

    Navy Polo T shirt monogrammed (short sleeve)
    Navy cotton shorts
    Monogrammed polar fleece
    Black or brown sandals with supporting heel

    Winter Uniform

    Navy Polo T shirt monogrammed (long sleeve)
    Grey winter weight shorts
    Monogrammed polar fleece
    Navy socks with maroon hoops
    Flat Black leather shoes (not suede)


    Sports Uniforms 

    Boys and Girls

    Monogrammed burgundy tops and navy blue shorts.

    Supply of Uniforms

    All uniform except for shoes is sold through the school at reasonable prices.
    There is also the option of secondhand uniforms which are available from time to time.

  • St Peter Chanel Book Club Open or Close

    St Peter Chanel Book Club

    This Club is a voluntary scheme and offers pupils at all levels a selection of popular book titles by popular authors in a paperback form at a basic cost. Brochures with an order form are sent home with the students - the brochure includes all ages. Orders are handed into the Office.


  • Bicycles Open or Close


    The school regularly cycles to near by places. Parents are encouraged to ensure their children are confident cyclists and have an adequate understanding of basic road rules before cycling to school.

  • Buses Open or Close


    Free school bus transport is available. Students qualify to catch buses to Motueka High School which connect with buses going to the outlying areas. If your child needs to catch a bus please inform the School Office.


  • Absences Open or Close


    In the event of your child's absence or early withdrawal from school, please notify the school by phone 03 528 7366, text 027 528 7366, or letter. A note is required if children must remain indoors all day or are unable to participate in Physical Education.

  • Education Outside the Classroom Open or Close

    Education Outside the Classroom

    The school makes frequent use of local community facilities. We endeavor to provide our students with as many experiences as possible. School camps are taken at least once a year for our middle and senior classes. These range from one day to one week. Safety and educational value are paramount and all outdoor activities require BOT approval.


  • Lost Property Open or Close

    Lost Property

    Every endeavour is made to trace the owners of property found in the school. Naming of all clothing is essential. A lost property box is in the technology room in the School block.

  • School Rules Open or Close

    School Rules

    Our students health and safety is of upmost importance to us. Are school clear values are reflected in our school's behaviour management policy. Students and teachers work collaboratively to develop a plan to encourage good work habits, relationships and safety.


  • Accidents at School Open or Close

    Accidents at School

    The utmost care is taken to prevent your child suffering an accident at school, but at times they are unavoidable. For this reason we like to keep an up-to-date record of telephone numbers where either parent can be contacted in the case of sickness or accident.

    We also like to have the name of your family doctor for the same reason. It is also helpful to have the name and phone number of a relative or friend who can be contacted if neither of the parents are available. Please assist us in keeping our records as accurate as possible by informing us of any changes which may take place.


  • St Peter Chanel School Policies Open or Close

    St Peter Chanel School Policies

    New directions in education allow the B.O.T. to put together working parties to formulate school policies. Policies are openly available for parents to read. A copy is held at the office for this purpose. All policies are reviewed within the 3 year life of the Board.


    Classification and Enrolment of Students Procedure

    Concerns & Complaints at School Procedure - 3.08a


  • Reporting to Parents Open or Close

    Reporting to Parents

    Parents are welcome to visit the school and discuss aspects of progress and development with the class teacher and/or Principal. We encourage regular liaison between home and school. Formal Assessment and Reporting to parents begins with goal setting in February and is followed up with pupil, parent and teacher conferences and a written report over the year.


  • Swimming Pool Open or Close

    Swimming Pool

    We have a fantastic swimming pool. Daily lessons are taken in summer in the school pool.

    St Peter Chanel School Motueka St Peter Chanel School Motueka

  • Parent Participation Open or Close

    Parent Participation

    Our school encourages parents to be actively involved in the school. This participation can take place in a variety of ways and can occur in classrooms, sports fields, library, school lunches, committees, attending mass,etc. Any involvement is greatly valued.


  • Strategic Plans Open or Close

    Strategic Plans

    The Board Of Trustees conducts a formal self review annually and from this a strategic plan is prepared for the following year. There is community consultation prior to developing the strategic plan. This helps in setting goals and curriculum emphasis based on development requirements. In this way the School will continue to meet the national curriculum and education requirements.


  • School Information Open or Close